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Codjigger: Newfoundland Products, Services, and Events Around Canada Listings


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Looking for Newfoundland products? Want to hire a Newfoundlander or support a Newfie's business? If you live in away then this site is for you. You will find information here on:

  • Places to buy Newfoundland products (Flags, clothes, Newfoundland authors, music)
  • Restaurants that serve Newfoundland food (ie. Chips, Dressing, Gravy)
  • Stores to buy Newfoundland groceries (Salt Beef, Purity products, Salt Fish, Toutons, etc)
  • Pubs that play Newfoundland music, and the times they typically play it
  • Newfoundland bands / artists who are playing around Canada
  • Businesses that are run by Newfoundlanders who we may want to do business with

This site has just been updated from an 'Ontario only' site to something that can be used Canada-wide. For this reason, most of the listings right now are Ontario-based, so lets get some new listings up for the rest of Canada! Submit them and I'll update asap!

If you have a business or suggested listing feel free to email me using the "Click here to submit a business or event" button above. Please include your name so that I can give you credit for the posting! All businesses are listed for free!

Thanks for any suggestions and I hope to get some useful info on 'ere soon b'ye!